Friday, October 18, 2013

Undead Doll (knife not included)

Are you flabbergasted about what to do for your Halloween outfit this year? Want to have some fun with your make-up and use up old false lashes?? Sick and tired of slutty store bought costumes?

 Well then my lovelies, a dead doll is the look for you this Halloween season, and here is how you can do it in 20 mins flat:

1. Put liquid latex over your eyebrows, (yes I'm serious), then put a layer from the corner of your mouth up towards your temples, think the Joker from Batman. Let it dry until stickiness is gone, and it feels just like plastic on your face.

2. Apply a luminous heavy foundation all over your face, (including your covered eyebrows even your lips, how weird do you look????), let dry and then apply a second layer. This is to really achieve the flawless doll look and will look much better in pictures.

 3.  Set with powder, don't afraid to be heavy handed with the powder as the products will need something to grab on-to later on.

4. Use a white eye pencil to white out your lash line and then create a circle under your eyes to make them more round. The circle should begin in your tear duct and end at your outer lash, you only need to make them more round, not larger.

5. Fill in the circle with white liner, heavy white eyeshadow (matte) or my favourite, white facepaint.

6. Line the "round eyes" with black liner, cut false lashes down to lower lash size and apply to the black liner under your eye, as bottom lashes. Then draw on eyebrows, just above your real ones, use an angle brush and a brown eyeshadow, but remember they don't have to look real, but they do need to look exactly the same on both sides. (That did take me a while to get right, symmetry is not a strength of mine!)

Check out this picture for the look:

This was the trial run, I used pencil which didn't work as well as the white face paint.

6. Apply a pink eyeshadow(or any colour you like really) on your lids, for me it didn't really matter as my fringe mostly covered it. You could also leave them bare for a real Barbie look.

6. The eyes are the most important part for making you look like a doll, so you can clump two or three sets of false lashes together for the top lashes, and apply them as close to the lash line as possible. This really adds to the doll-like roundness of your super creepy eyes!

7. Contour your cheeks and apply a rosy colour to the apples to make them look more rounded (you can add a few freckles if your going to be a rag-doll)

8. Apply a lip liner to the lips, going just outside your natural lipline to make them slightly bigger and unnatural looking, or you can just draw on smaller lips, Geisha style.

9. This is the fun part!!!!!!! Using your finger nail scratch at the middle of the plastic latex, tearing  and ripping it a little. Then apply a read lip stain along the lines, it totally looks like scars and blood :) If you have fake blood lying around, you can pour a little on, and let it run through the "scar".

10. Do your hair in whichever doll style you like (pigtails is defo easiest), choose your dolliest clothes grab your knife and your bunny, and hey presto, your a walking talking living.....well Undead Doll!!

I hope you liked my Undead Doll tutorial, if you have any questions, please add a comment, or a suggestion to change something.

Happy Halloween everyone :)

Le Grá,


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Voting Time - Uggs: where do you stand?

Now that we had our vote about the little things, the big question still needs to be addressed:

Uggs: favourite footwear or ugg-ly?

Just click the link and have your say:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to: Update your updo in 5 Super Simple ways

Going out tonightor simply to update your gruaig? Here are 5 easy updo's to do at home, with a few clips and a bit of back-combing and maybe an accessory or two, why not try one tonight?

1. The Messy Pony, a lá Leighton Meister

Often overlooked, this is a classic chic look, and super easy to do.
-Section off the top part of your hair.
-Backcomb from the back to the front to add height, and spritz with your fav hairspray,
-Using a fine-tail comb, run lightly through the top of the hair
-Pull back the hair into a pony and secure with a tight elastic

(to copy Leighton below, leave your fringe out of the backcombing, and wrap a piece of long hair around your elastic and secure with a Kirby grip)
Beauty Secret: Messy Ponytail
2.Punked up, half down, a lá Nicole Scherzinger

The quiff added to a half up half down gives a punky twist to a girly favourite.

-Start with poker straight hair.
-Section off the top part, and then into two halves again, front and back.
-Backcomb the back to medium height, and the front higher so that its higher at the front than the back, spritzing with hairspray as you go.
-Run your fine-tooth comb from 1 inch from the roots at the front, back along your hair, to create a smoother look.
-Pull all the hair back, as if creating a pony tail and clip section by section. Don't forget the part just under and behind your ear. (It will feel like a Mohawk line at the back)
-Run your fine tooth comb through the hair at the back lightly, to hide the clips and make the hair sit sleekly.

(To copy Nicole's gleaming gruaig, spray shine spray onto the "tail" of the mohikan, and spritz a little onto your hands and smooth across your quiff)

Nicole Scherzinger Half Up Half Down - Nicole Scherzinger Updos - StyleBistro
3. The Side French Braid, a lá Cara Delevingne

Oh God, who has not got a crush on this girl? Ok, so this is not really an updo, but who cares? It's amazing, and so uncomplicated.

- Straighten your hair
-Part to the side, and section a rectangular piece off above your eye and going back about 2 inches.
-From that section, start a French plait and work all the way back, down to the tops of the hair-
-Tie with a see through elastic, and your away with it :)

Duelo de escotes en la Gala del MET 2013

4.Accessorize , a lá London Fashion Week

Bouffants and bows, what a breathtaking combination. Accessories will automatically update your style and put your own stamp on it. Try a velvet bow, a jewelled embellishment, or even a turban or headband for the more adventurous!
Hair at PPQ| London Fashion Week Fall 2013

Jennifer Behr Spring 2013 Hair AccessoriesSpring 2013 Hair Accessories

4.Brazen Braids , a lá NewYork  Fashion Week

Braids are still bold for Aw13 and for Spring 2014, so get those fingers out and start braiding. Fishtials, French, rope and the standard plait braid are the most popular. Work with mideel partings and combining braids to make different shapes.

-Part hair straight down the middle, and make two "pigtails" at the baack of the head.
-Plait both pigtails in the style you want (fishtail is in the pics)
-Wrap the two braids around each other, or sweep them across to each other, and pin with Kirby grips to secure.
Christian Siriano    Amazing what you can do with pigtails! This chic updo at Christian Siriano is formed by crossing two fishtail braided pigtails.
Or you can have crown braids, (my personal favourite, especially with the plum lips.)

This does require having medium long hair, or using extensions, for instructions check out Lilith Moons youtube video here. It would take far too long to describe it on here, can you say carpal tunnel syndrome?

Alice Olivia NYFW 2013 hair - braids

 And that's it girlies, update your updo in 5 easy ways!

I'm off to try the punked up half down, enjoy your Saturday night, whatever you're doin' and wherever you are :)

Le Grá,