Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Exterminate the Brush Germs!!!!

Ever wonder why you are skin is breaking out when you cleanse, tone and moisturise like a demon, use regular face masks and drink 2 litres of water a day.....? Let me ask you, when did you last clean your make-up brushes and sponges?

While you are deep exfoliating and prepping your skin to the last, germs are building a mini empire on your beauty tools! Think back to that old domestos ad, with the bacteria hell bent on spreading disease and sickness, but instead now, they're after your SKIN!! 

These little blighters cause skin blockages like spots and clogged pores. And not only do your brushes carry these, but also dirt, debris and dead skin!

Putting make-up on with these brushes is like trying to paint a wall with a filthy paintbrush! The colour won't be right, the paint will be dull and it could start flaking.......FLAKING!!!!!! 

Now that you are sufficiently scared of your dirty make-up brushes, here are the three steps to cleaning your brushes, and annihilating those dirty germs:

1. Half fill a bowl/sink with warm water and dip and swirl the brush or sponge until all the hair is good and wet. The water might get a bit cloudy here, but wait until step two!

2. Squeeze a little baby shampoo or a gentle hand soap onto the fibres, and using your fingers, rub it in (here you can imagine your a hairdresser to your brush!) then plunge it back into the water and swish swish swish. When the water gets dirty, refill it with fresh water and rinse and repeat until the water is clean. This can take anything from twice to 5 times, especially more dense powder brushes. 

[While you're doing this, take note of just how much GUNK is coming off the brushes and wash those nasty germs down the drain]

3. Dry your brushes with some paper towels like you would a paint brush. Don't stomp the brushes in, just rub them like your painting a picture. Then shape the bristles into their original shape, leave to air dry for a day or so and voila, I swear you will see the difference in your makeup application! 

(Top tip: put in a hair treatment and slather on a face mask while doing this for extra beauty points.) 

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