Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29th 2010 - First Post-

Hi! I am an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, and i dont believe that I am very interesting (but ill let you be the judge of that), basically this blog is about all things in my life, all the things you would expect to find in the life of a twenty something year old girl, living in Wexford, Ireland.

I recently found an old diary from my very teenage years, and realised I haven;t continued the here I am now! If you have any thoughts on the content, sure give me an auld email!!

This week I have been subject to great confusion. What is the cause of this i hear you cry? Sure its only men...again! Men, the greatest of all mysteries to most women. I would consider myself a somewhat intelligent girl, so how do I still go mad for the bad boys? The ones who you know you should stay away from, the "Smooth Operator"

The "Smooth Operator", a man so full of "plamás" (the irish type of charm), that he'd charm the knickers off a nun. We have to be careful of these ones women. They have an indefinable quality that just flies off them, making them attractive to every woman. They exude confidence, and probably would have every woman in the room hanging off them. He is always one step ahead of you, and no matter how coy and shy, or loud and brash you are, he is one size 11 ahead of you.

 So how do you recognise one of these "Smooth Talkers"? What are his techniques? I could give you tips, but to be honest, they all have different techniques. The only thing iIcan tell you is;

If he seems too good to be true, he probably is! Dont take anything that comes out of those gorgeous lips seriously, and try, try and try again not to succomb to his charms. Take all he says with a sea load of salt, and dont for a second believe that you could be the one to change him, you cant! Be nice, smile,laugh, flirt, and walk away, but watch him after, is he flirting with every other women in the place? If he is, leave the challenge and walk away, head held high knowing that you caught his attention and not his venereal diseases! Let some other poor women get her heart broken, and save your own for someone who deserves it.

Lovin today; Cold bottles of coke!
Leavin today; Walking in the lashing rain!


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