Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making old clothes feel new, and the "10 to 2" syndrome :)

Hello everyone!

Yes, I quit blogging, just after my first one, but just like the Vamp look and leather skirts I'm back with a bang! So lets get started, today were talking waving the style wand and making the old new and fresh.

I had my usual meltdown on a Saturday night before going out....I've nothing new to wear! BUT  creativity rules:

1. Statement necklacel a big look this year, I took and old long necklace I used to wear with quite big baubles on it, and DOUBLED it on my neck (compliments rolled in!)

2. Black tights, shoes and t-shirt with a statement skirt: YES, I had an old tulip skirt I used to wear a few years ago, put a black blazer with studs ontop and hey presto

IT FELT NEW!! (will try post pics later :) )

Looked similar but it was much fresher! Hurrah for keeping stuff you don't wear anymore :) Horders unite

Now for the men:

My tip today: How to avoid being the "TEN TO 2" girl:

A guy is chatting you up at ten to 2, you like him, he likes big deal if you go home with him right?

WRONG, this is what I call the "ten to 2" syndrome, all men have had it at some stage of their lives, they just want someone to go home with and its the end of the night.

Let him take your number, and he will text you if he's interested! If not, you have lost nothing and stayed away from the dreaded "Stride of Pride" aka Walk of Shame :(

Lovin today : Fatty food and roaring fire
Leaving today: Tangles in my hair :(

Slan :)

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