Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to: Wear the crop top without showing it all off :)

If the thought of baring your midriff sends shivers of terror through your spine this is the article for you. Remember when we said the 90's was back, well its back with a BOOMMM baby, and with it comes all those crop tops, belly barer's and short shirts that we dread.

 Who can forget these terrific tums of the 90's?

Now, if like me, you think that "it's great for Britney, Christina and Gwen, but I aint got no personal trainer to make me look like that!" then were on the same page, so here are a few tips to wear your crop top  without showing it all off:

1. Use sheer/ lacy fabrics to cover it up, but show a hint.
You can wear your crop top, but wear a sheer shirt / chiffon top/ lace long sleeve under or over it, that way, if you are a little conscious of revealing your midriff, you can still wear the trend.

Or instead you can take a lace crop top like this and wear it over a black tank top.
 2. Wear high waist trousers/skirt/shorts to nearly meet the crop top
This is a favourite of mine, it's nearly a cheat, but not quite! Wear your high waist trousers, skirt, shorts and leave about an inch between it and the crop top, this gap should be above your hips, on your rib cage, to skim across the narrowest part of your torso. To really kick it up a notch, wear a pencil skirt and a statement necklace, or a matching top and bottom, like Katy Perry at the Kids Choice Awards last week


3. Layer it up
Still not comfortable with showing skin, layer up that crop top for zero skin baring. wear over a dress, a top, or a long sleeve top for maximum style with zero fuss.

Image 1 of ASOS Crop Top with Lace Frill Hem
On ASOS right now, team with a bandeau long top for luscious layers

 So there you go ladies, how to wear your crop top without showing it all off!

Here are some websites with various types of crop top on them, my top tip is just to be sure of the LENGTH you want, because there are so many types :

topshop - crop top (try say that 10 times!!)

And don't forget your local shops, you can try before you buy!

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  1. tanx for the advise fash, I can defo wear belly tops now

  2. Love how crops are really coming in fashion at the moment! And matching sets