Thursday, May 2, 2013

Catrice "Pimp My Shrimp" Nail Laquer Review

The Catrice brand has grown massively in popularity since Penneys picked it up here in Ireland, and I personally thought that the price was too good to be true for quality make-up. UNTIL, a make-up artist used a lip-gloss on me! I thought "The cheek of her, using a cheap brand on me!" I know make-up snobbery at it's highest! So I asked her about the brand, and she said it's one of the best brands out there, and likened it to Essence, but better!

AS a non-animal tested, non celebrity endorsed range that releases 12 Trend Editions per year, this is a brand that is trying to be taken seriously, as you can see from it's website here:

So I thought to purchase a few "essentials" on my next shopping spree in Penney's. So here is my first mini review:

Catrice "Pimp My Shrimp" Nail Laquer

I thought that this name was just so perfect for a nail varnish that I couldn't leave it sitting alone and lonely on the shelf!

The colour is a coral colour, and dries to a slightly gloss finish. This colur is EVERYWHERE now, and a pop on your nails really makes it feel like summer.

 This laquer is like Ronseal "it does what it says on the tin", the colour is bright, vibrant and very intense and the best part is it's only €2.99 in Penneys or Sam McCauleys.

After applying two coats, I did put on a clear top coat, and I was chip free for nearly a week!

Cannot say how pleased I am with this, and will definitely be purchasing more soon ( probably nest payday!)

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I love hearing new idea's and seeing new comments on the page!

So what you waitin' for, go "Pimp your Shrimp" now with Catrice!

Le GrĂ¡,


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