Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to : Perfect the Red Pout

With The Great Gatsby about to leap onto the big screen, statement lips are about to get, well, more statement than ever, and there is no bigger statement than a strong red lip.

The ultimate chic rouge lip has eluded many a women, from staying power to colour bleeding and beyond. But this guide will help you perfect your red pout.

1. Make sure your lips are moisturised and smooth, no matter how well you apply your lippy, if those babies are flaky and dry, it just will not work. Use a flannel or even a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips, and apply a small amount of Vaseline and leave on (while doing your hair or nails) for aboiut 15 minutes or so.

2. Cover your lips with your foundation, this will fill in any fine lines and provide a base for the lip pencil and colour to cling to.

3. Use a nude or light rose pencil to trace around your lips, this will stop the colour bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth. If you have smaller lips, you can go slightly outside the lip, to give the allusion of a fuller mouth. You can also give more shape to your cupids bow (the top part) if you wish. Then fill the lips in with the pencil. Again, this is building up the base for the lipstick to really grab onto, giving it great staying power.

(The reason I use nude or rose is to prevent that line around your mouth if the lipstick does wear off a little, that line is a pet hate of mine.....grrrr )

4. Apply your lipstick first with a lip brush, really filling in all the little creases on your lips, then take a piece of tissue and blot once to remove excess. Then using the brush and more lippy, go over the lips again.

This is the point where you can add gloss. I generally don't as this can make the lipstick slide around, and I do prefer the matte look of red lipsticks, but it's up to you.....

5. Do the porn-star trick, if you don't know what this is, you can look it up, (It's very funny to see people do it, and you will see why it's called the porn star) But basically, you put your finger in your mouth, and close your lips around it, and pull your finger out. Thus removing the lipstick from the inside of your lips.

(Why you ask? Well, unless you like the look of red teeth, I would highly recommend this trick!)

And that's it, your guide to the perfect red pout! All you need is to pop your lippie in your bag and retouch every now and again for beautiful, kissable red lips a la Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.

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  1. great tips!
    I will try this technique <3
    UK High Street Fashion

    1. Thanks Candy! Put on your best pout and post a photo on the facebook page

      Would love to see it :) <3

  2. im far too scared to put red lippy on x

  3. Try it at home Kirtsy, I used to be scared too, but you CAN do it girl :) Thanks for the comment <3

  4. love coming across early stage bloggers like myself!love this article! well done xx