Friday, December 21, 2012

Know your Sale rights


     <3              I LOVE SALES!!!               <3

I had to get that out there, and now that the Christmas shopping is finally completed, I can now focus on the sales. My own particular strategy is to BUY EVERYTHING, but it can often end in heartbreak,especially when the size 6 red sparkly platform heels fall apart on the first night, and after you  spending €60 on them, typical. Suddenly, you have a flashback of the sign at the counter:

The bane of all sale-aholics
So what can you do? Try to salvage them with some superglue and popsicle sticks, or fight for your right to sparkle?

This sign is created to prevent the return of sale goods, NOT for faulty items. Yes, you cannot return return items if you have a change of mind, but if the product is damages through no fault of yours, you are entitled to bring it back.

Bottom line is: If a product is faulty, you are intitled to bring it back, sale or no sale.

Under the Consumer Act of 1990, if a product is faulty, consumers are entitled to the 3 "R"'s; repair, refund, or replacement.

Which of these 3 is between you and the retailer. They may insist on a repair, especially if it's an eletrical product, but if the same fault happens a second time, then you are entitled to a replacement.

Let the explain in more detail:

So, when you are shopping the sales this year, know your rights (and the correct shoe size) or it could all end in tears.....

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