Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter drab :( to Winter FAB :)

Oil...the bane of most of our lives, if it's not causing spots on our skin, it's making our hair greasy enough to fry chips in , AND we have to pay a King's random to fill our tanks to heat our house! It's no wonder we hate the stuff!

But during the winter is the time we need oil the most, and not just for the radiators. Harsh winter winds, and constantly going from cold, to hot to "OMG its freeezing"really takes it's toll on our body and beauty, here's how oil can help you go from Winter Drab to Winter FAB :)

From this:

  To This :

During the winter we get dry, flaky patches on our face, dull complexions, cracked or dry , and brittle hair, but there are certain oils we can use to restore moisture to those parts that need it most!


Rosehip oil is fantastic anti-oxidant for the face.
This is a product of the rosehip plant, and although you may think that to put oil on your face is direculous, in the winter its a great saver. It has natural anti-oxidants, and moisturises and even can improve the tone of your skin! Don't believe me? Go to the link below to see the Irish company Trilogys claims. It's been independently tested and passed with flying colours. If Rosehip is not for you, try Argan oil coconut or even almond oil. They have been used for years on hands, aces, and scars. And for all you Mummies-to-be, its supposed to be even better than Bio-oil on those stretch marks!


My absolute favourite oil for hair is
SUNFLOWER OIL, yep, the oil you put in your chip frier (disclamier; DO NOT use the oil from your frier, it will then smell like chips!!!) I do this regularly as I suffer from the dreaded winter hair frizz. When your hair is dry, comb the warm oil through it, until your head and all your hair is covered, wrap your head and hair with cling film, and throw on your towel like a turban. Yes, you can be Princess Jasmine if you like.....wait a half an hour and then wash with normal shampoo twice. The clingfilm seals the heat in from your head, and the towel keeps it hot and clean! I do this about twice a month, (or when I can find the time)
, and the next day your hair is a little greasier, but it will be super soft and shiny after the second wash. If you want to really go the whole hog, you can also add a few drops of Morrocan Oil  when your hair is wet, it helps seal in moisture and prevent the dreaded fuzzball effect. (Penneys do a Morroccan oil, and you can get it in most pharmacies)
You can go and buy the Vo5 oils for €4.99, or buy a whole bottle of sunflower oil for €2, beauty and a bargain, you gotta love it!



I have tried plenty of different lotions and potions for body moisturising, but I keep returning to my Johnsons and Johnsons Baby Oil, it really does do the trick. Especially after shaving your legs, or just to return a little moisture to your skin, it works a treat..
They have scnted ones now, with Aloe Vera, (green bottle) in a gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter (brown), even a bedtime version with camomile to help you sleep..... this is a must have for dry skin, and it's not just for babies!
If you would like a more adult version, try Boots Pampering Dry Skin Body Oil, or Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Oil, available in all major pharmacies.
So there it is, oil is our winter friend, it helps hydrate and rejuvenate our face, hair and skin!
Don't forget, if there's anything you would like me to write about, send it in :)
Le GrĂ¡,
Loving today ; My new Bare Minerals foundation in Golden Fair
Leaving today; Dolly shoes...someone find me my UGG boots....bbbrrrr

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