Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cute as a button pt II...the "How to"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013Cute as a button PII- The "How to"

Although my inspiration did come from this fantastic blog I am adding a few tips of my own.

1. You can use superglue instead of hot glue, it works just as well

2. You can use old Penneys or other cheaper chains instead of expensive ones (Primark of Forever 21 work too )

3. You might need a wire snips to snip a part off the button to make it.
These are my tools:

 As you can see they are:
-Black felt
-Superglue and fabric glue
-Scissors (also nails scissors too, for more precise edging, I forgot those, sorry!)
-Wire snips (to cut the back part of the mettal buttons as it does get in the way)
-A chain
-Thread and needle to attach the chain

 And here is the method to my madness:
1. Lay the buttons on the felt in the shape of the necklace you want. I recommend anchoring it with two big buttons at either end, but it's your choice!
2. Keep the buttons in place and cut the back hook thingy off the ones that need it with the wire snips.
3. Use the super glue to glue the buttons to the fabric, and then use the scissors to cut around the buttons.  I put the super glue onto the back of the button and then press it firmly onto the felt. If it needed more sticking power, then I would put some more super glue around it, and press again.

This is the view from the back, after being glued, and cut out.
4. Trace around the necklace onto a new piece of felt, and then stick it onto the back using the fabric glue. This really seals the necklace together and put a nicer (and definitely less stratchy) back on the piece.

5. Cut the extra felt off from around the button, using the big scissors and the nail scissors for the harder to reach pieces.

6. Size the chain, and adjust if needed, these necklaces look best just below the colllarbone level. Then using the needle and thread attach the chain to the two ends of the necklace.

(Here I'm going to borrow born in 82's photo, as I didn't take one myself)


I also suggest putting super glue on the chain link that's attached to the link to give it extra staying power.
And thats it, when it's dry it's ready to wear!
Gold Button Necklace one
Gold Button Necklace 2
I hope this blog has given you the basics on how to make your necklace. All in all, it took me about half an hour to make the second time (once I kindof knew what I was doing).
There are lots more DIY fashion blogs out there! Let me know your fav's or any questions or comments you might have.
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