Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Guest WOW factor.....

As Spring has well and trully began, and the shops unveil their new styles, it's time to shop for THAT dress for wedding your attending, and if you are like me, you don't want just any old want THE dress.

But have you ever thought that the dress is just a dress, and it's the accessories that give it the WOW factor.....

Why not buy or rent a hat, they are after making a huge resurgence, especially in the last two years

Just be careful that you are comfortable in it, and it suits the dress. You would not want an "ugly step-sister" moment, like poor Eugenie and Beatrice of the English Royal Family:

These girls were slated by the press for their choices and, a liittle unfairly, named the Ugly Stepsisters by the fashion media.
Lets take Eugenie for instance, all one colour, draining her complexion and heavy eye makeup: none of these doing any favours for the normally pretty redhead.
Let's see some examples of great headwear from the women who has brought the hat from the Queens to the fashion Princesses  :
The Duchess of York

I'm going head over heels for her hats! I know what your thinking, well of course you can't afford those ones, but who says you cant rent one!

They're are som many hat rental shops and stylists all over this fiar isle, only waiting for you to make an appointment, and they range from €30 upto....well, you might not want to know how high it can go......  :)

If you just google hat hire ireland (or click on my link), you can find any colour and style you like.

So there you go, set your hat on a hat for your next wedding guest soiree, and hear the compliments rolling in :)

Le GrĂ¡,


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