Thursday, January 24, 2013

All women fake it at some stage....just like Beyonce

A major event occured this week, the Official Inaugaration of Barack Obama for a second term, but that's was only a minor event compared to Beyonces performance.

Yes, believe it or not, there were more people talking, tweeting and post about Beyonce lip-syncing and Michelle Obama's new do, than about the President himself! And why the media frenzy about Beyonce I hear you ask. "Did she wrestle the First Lady to the ground because they wore the same outfit? Nope. "Did she burn an American flag onstage?" Nope. "Did she declare herself and Obama were having 'sexual relations'". Wrong again......she lipsynched the American National Anthem....oh the horror!

Heres the link for the full story from E News online:



So in honor of Beyonces faking it onstage, this is a entry dedicated to all things FAKE!

And I'm turning it all over to you, post your FAVOURITE FAKES, here, or on my Facebook page:
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  1. One of my favourite fakes: the fake cons from penneys! Don't get me wrong, I love my real purple converse trainers. When it comes to keeping the white ones fresh and clean looking though, the cheap ass fakes are the way to go. They're so inexpensive(but still cute)that you can just buy new ones instead of scrubbing and still ending up with scruffy looking trainers! :)

  2. I never even thought of shoes Amite, thanks for the comment, on my way to Penneys to get a pair this weekend :)

  3. Sorry, I meant AMIE, that was a typo....ooppppsss :)