Friday, January 18, 2013

Spring Summer Fashion - styles and signature pieces

Having finished the the last of the Turkey curry, detoxed our alcohol sodden bodies and broken at least 2 New Year resolutions, it's time to focus on Spring Summer 2013!

I have laid out a guide to the big styles this season,and the signature pieces to catapult your wardrobe into 2013.

First we have the styles, this season they are based on our music past; the 90's and the 60's will be huge this year.

For the 90's think baggy boyfriend jeans, grungy t-shirts, midriff baring tops, slip dresses and DOUBLE DENIM!

For the swingin 60's we have pencil skirts, (a signature style), wing tip sunglasses , scooped neck tops, cropped trousers and anything you see on Mad Men inculding white stilettos, YES, white stillettos!

The patterns/colours that are really blooming this Spring season are: monochrome, flourescent, and graphic prints.

Here are a few ideas, to get you started, just click on the link:

- ripped boyfriend shorts

- midi pencil dress

- slip dress

For the signature pieces you will need:

- a pencil skirt; these are soooo big right now, team them with your winter shoeboats to update the look :)

 -a bomberjacket, if you match with the pencil skirt you can rock two trends in one

-anything monochrome, big stripes, small stripes, checkerboard, just wear it!

-your statement necklace from last season,or you can get a new one, check  I'm definintely investing in a new one. Maybe the peral and chain one at only €16.67!

-Brush off your old Doc Martens types boots and get florescent with them, like this pair on

- Leather jackets and denim jackets are also going to be huge, if you have a stud gun make some use of it and stud the shoulders for an instant up to date piece.

Remember, if was big in the 60's and 90's , it will work now!



Don't forget, these are only a guide and I most certainly don't have the moola to get them all. Look in your local charity shops, they always will have Doc Martens and denim jackets anyway, and who knows what you might come across if your lucky :)

If you have any questions, just post them here, or on the FASHblogger Facebook page

Le GrĂ¡,


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