Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Real-solutions!

New Years resolutions, love them or loathe them, they are as much a part of this time of the year as the turkey and the mulled wine. We have heard them all; weight-loss, get fit, cut down on alcohol , stop spending so much money on clothes and make-up (that one's personal!) but the biggest question is HOW do we keep them?

Here is the anwer for you......make your New Year Resolutions, New Year Real-solutions, by making them SMART.

By using a technique that I learned in college, and applying it to the New Years Resolution, the SMART technique is used to make objectives "real", and obtainable. This is why they will become New Years real-solutions....

S- specific- decide on an exact topic, you can't use "get fit", you must make it more specific, i.e. walk 5 kilometres, go out and only have 3 drinks, be able to do 50 pushups, or, not smoke for 3 weeks. When you know where you will end, it's easier to start!

M- why does it matter to you? Whay are you doing it? Is it for you, for your family? To prove you can? Think about why it matters to you, it makes it more real and can motivate you.

A-achieveable, you must be able to do it, for eaxmple, if my resolution was to learn to fly, it's a bit of a long shot :) but you can't expect miracles, be realistic abut your goals!   

R- reward, yep, thats right, reward yourself when you reach a milestone, if you have gone one month without a cigarette, go out for a nice dinner, or buy yourself something nice. It's motivation at it's best!

T- time, set a time limit for you to achieve this goal, and set smaller milestones in between with rewards.

The last piece of advice is to share these goals / objectives / resolutions with others and let them know your intentions, you can plan together, and motivate each other.

  In light of this, here is my New Years Resolution:

 My New Years Resolution for 2013 is to run a half marathon on the 7th April.

There are several smaller 10k runs on in between now and them, and I am training at least twice a week for this. My reward to myself with be a new "purchase" after these events.
The best of luck, and a Happy New Year to you and yours,
Le GrĂ¡,


  1. Great advice fash blogger!! Your words are so true and helpful and have inspired me to make SMART goals for the new year. thanks so much and keep up the great blogs!!

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, you really have made my day. Keep reaching for those goals :)