Sunday, January 6, 2013

The kinkiness always wins out.......especially with the Babyliss Big Hair Hot Air Styler

Yes girls, the kinkiness seems to be winning out in me, and I am of course talking about my hair. My wonderful bf bought me the Babyliss Big Styler for Christmas ( I only gave him about 4 million hints!) and I have to say....I am soooo dissapointed, and I put it down to my hair type.

I am of the breed that has kinky tendencies ;), no matter how much muscle power the hairdresser puts into straightening it, after half an hour it's got waves bigger than the Atantic. A drop of moisture in the air and I can look like Monica in that episode of Friends, you know the one!

Yep, this one!
So back to the styler, it just did not work for me, let me explain why:

1. It kept catching in my hair, unless I used only a half inch piece, literally any bigger and it would get caugt inbetween the parts of the styler. I have a lot of hair, doing it in half inch pieces would take me longer than travelling to pony.

2. The style just did not hold, I tried mouse, I tried hairspray, I tried freeze spray, root lifter, and volumising powder, I was close to trying dog shampoo ( I didn't, but I was close)

3. It doesn't really catch the hAir, so you have to hold your hand on it, and keep the hair in place.

4. The bristles were too soft. I'm one of the misfortunates who literally has to drag the brush and hairdryer through my hair to straighten it, the bristles were just too soft to really create enough tension, and therefore, the kink would return about half an hour after finishing my hair :(

So, although the Babyliss Hot Air Big Hair Styler does not really work for me, I am determined to keep trying for the ultimate volume blow dry. My next move is to combine the styler and a hairdryer, so I'll let you know how that goes!

I genuinely think it would be a great tool for the lucky, lucky girls whose hair straightens easily, and maybe for people with thinner hair, as mine is quick thick.

So back to the drawing board of back combing and hairspray, a long tried and tested method for volume, but I will keep you girlies updated on the styler, just in case it starts miraculously working for me!

I will defeat the kinkiness, if it kills me!

Le GrĂ¡,


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