Monday, January 21, 2013

Simply Bun....derful :)

The ever so simple yet wonderful bun, whether a ballerina or a rock chick, you can make the bun work for you.

For those times when you want your hair in a sleek style or just outve the way, it's simply
 bun-derful :)

The easiest way to get a B E A utiful bun is to use a bun ring, which looks like this:


These are for the different hair colours, but you can also get different sizes, depending on your hair length, and the size you wish the bun to be:

These are readily available in Penneys, Boots, Sam McCauleys and most chemists.

So now that you have the means, let's check out the method:

1. Decide where you want the bun to be, will it be high on the crown of your head, like Lauren Conrad, or at the nape of your neck, like Audrina....the Hills girls competing with each other? Never! ;)

2. When you have decided, tie a tight ponytail in that area, and slide the bun ring onto your ponytail, like so:
3. Wrap your hair around the bun, and pin into the bun with clips under the sponge. Spary with a little hairspray and hey presto, you look bunderful :)
If you are now thinking: "Hey F.A.S.H, I can do these buns in my sleep and they just don't do it for me anymore" have a look at these pics for some extra ideas:

A low ballerina bun, or a side sleek bun

Cross over the pieces to create a pattern in the centre of the bun, or leave a piece out, plait it and wrap it around.

(For a quick cheat, if you have a a plaited hairband, use the hairband and save a few precious minutes in bed :) ! )

This is my absolute favourite, and so quick to do

Pinned Image
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